General Submissions Guidelines

Africa in Dialogue publishes unsolicited individual and book interviews. We are excited and grateful that you’re considering us as a home for your work.

Our submissions window is open year-round. Our mission is to create a hub of dialogues about Africa by Africans. Come on, submit your interviews, it’s free.

About Our Interviews

We are drawn to creative, original and unpublished interviews no longer than 10 000 words. We accept interviews between African interviewers and storytellers. Our definition of an African is  an individual who is born in an African country, a citizen of an African Country, or an individual that has at least one parent who is/who was an African. An African storyteller is any creative who uses their art-form to tell stories. This includes writers, filmmakers, bloggers, journalists, songwriters, music composers, painters, visual artists, comic writers, illustrators, photographers etc.

We seek to publish interviews that are organic and fluid in nature; the kind that shifts and illuminates African realities, narratives and philosophies. We believe that an interview is an art that requires a conscious engagement of both the interviewee and interviewer, and so we love it when interviewers also share their thoughts and reflections.

We are not specific about the subjects or topics within your interviews, as long as they bring insights about Africa and her people. We are looking for diversity; so, do check our past interviews, books and issues to see the African storytellers we have already interviewed. While we don’t restrict from interviewing past guests, we do encourage interviews with new guests as there are so many talented  African storytellers who deserve to be celebrated.

Africa in Dialogue published 10 contributors in our First Issue, another 10 in our Second Issue and now we hope to publish more interviews by more contributors. We hope that you will join us on our mission to archive African voices.

Kindly find below our submission guidelines:

  1. Titles of interviews should reflect the essence of such interview. The title should conform with the following format: “Title of Interview: A Dialogue With Full Name of Interviewee” E.g “Africa in Dialogue: A Dialogue With Gaamangwe Joy Mogami”.
  2. We accept no more than one interview at a time.
  3. Interviews must be submitted in English. However, we welcome interviews that have been translated, in which case, both the translator and the original interviewer can submit the interview as a single submission.
  4. Interviews should be submitted via email to
  5. All submission should be sent as a Word document (doc, docx) in a single file attachment. Ensure you do not  paste your submissions in the body of the email.
  6. Interviewers should submit the bio of the interviewee, not more than 200 words, in the same Word document.
  7. The Interviewer must also submit their own bio, not more than 100 words, in a separate Microsoft word attachment.
  8. All submissions should include high-resolution images of both the interviewee, interviewer, and translator in cases of translated interviews.
  9. Interviews must not have been previously published.
  10. We accept simultaneous submissions, but request that we are notified should the submission be accepted for publication elsewhere.
  11. We wish that we could provide an honorarium for your work, but unfortunately we are not yet able to pay our contributors.
  12. Should we accept the interview for publication, the interviewer would grant Africa in Dialogue exclusive rights to the original work for 90 days, and thereafter agrees to notify any republication, and attributes Africa in Dialogue as the first publisher.
  13. All submissions will be replied to within two weeks of submission.

Special Guidelines for Book Submission

Africa in Dialogue publishes interview series’ and book projects as a way to support and highlight African literary prizes, anthologies and initiatives. To propose a book interview:

  1. Submit a brief, a 500-word description, highlighting the name and details of the prize/anthology/initiative you want to support, theme or topic, timeline and suggested method of interviews.
  2. Submit your portfolio of at-least two interview samples.

Book project proposals shall be considered for publication year-round.

We look forward to reading and sharing your dialogues with Africa!

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