The 2020 Filmmaker Series



Nothing fuels me like a room full of fellow filmmakers; our shared interest in telling stories using motion pictures comes with a life-giving buzz. COVID 19 has made such experiences impossible, yet the digital era we live in makes it possible for us to be in conversation from any part of the globe.  And here I am today presenting four women who are pressing on, making films and telling stories that matter, against all odds. 

This series was inspired by the work that African women are doing in their respective countries, and collectively on a global scale. As a Filmmaker, I believe in connecting with people in my field to see the works being put out there and simply to learn and remain inspired. With these interviews, I wanted to highlight women I discovered as I continue to learn and understand African Cinema at large.  Three of these interviewees were part of Talents Durban this year; a big deal in the sector, so a conversation with them was due.

I am forever indebted to the amazing platform that is Africa in Dialogue; to Gaamangwe Joy Mogami, and Nkateko Masinga, for being open to hosting this meaningful body of work.

There is so much drive and so many beautiful stories being produced on our continent. Filmmakers are not waiting for much-needed budgets or listening to anyone who says they can’t; they are thriving against all odds. The focus is on meaningful stories for change. We share similar struggles in the industry, across the continent. 

The 2020 Filmmaker Series will be showcased on Africa in Dialogue from 25 to 29 November 2020 and consists of conversations with the following four filmmakers:

Mutaleni Nadimi (Namibia)

Stella Tchuisse (Cameroon)

Florence Mkinga (Tanzania)

Kabelo Maaka (South Africa)

The 2020 Filmmaker Series

series curator: elelwani netshifhire

Elelwani Netshifhire

Elelwani Netshifhire is a filmmaker, writer and director armed with technical skill sets.  She is the founder of Thase Media and believes in utilizing any medium possible.  Her latest available short film, Story Of A Baked Brownie, won various awards and was later featured on CNN Inside Africa.

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