Africa in Dialogue and Afrikult: A Video Conversation

Africa in Dialogue x Afrikult.

A Video Conversation

How do we celebrate the work that is done by African literature curators? We archive the work and the curators. 

Join us this 1 July 2019 as Africa in Dialogue is  joined by Afrikult. for a video conversation on the importance of archiving, marking achievements and building the African literary community. The video will be shared on Africa in Dialogue’s Facebook and YouTube Pages as part of our latest Video Series with African Literature Curators. 

Meet the Curators

Gaamangwe Joy Mogami is a multi-passionate storyteller and spiritual healer. She is the founder of Rise the Warrior, a movement that fuses depth psychology, metaphysical sciences and African Spirituality to curate sacred gatherings, inner healing and transformation coaching for African individuals and organizations. She hosts The Joy Mogami Show, a Facebook Live stream show that holds conversations on healing and transformation with wellness experts. She is the founding editor of Africa in Dialogue.

Africa in Dialogue is an online interview magazine that archives creative and critical insights with Africa’s leading storytellers. The cultural hub connects African writers, interviewers, critics, readers and storytellers through  in-depth, free-flowing and organic, long-form interviews.

Africa in Dialogue explores various contemporary, historic, philosophical and social discourses that affects Africans and Africans in Diaspora, with the ultimate aim of fostering intercontinental engagement, critiques, education and documentation of Africa’s thoughts, ideals, realities, philosophies and culture.

Marcelle Mateki Akita is a writer, consultant, co-founder of Afrikult. and blogs on matekiwrites. She co-produces the Africa Writes festival in London. Her fiction appears in online and print journals, Lizard & Other Stories is her first collection. She was shortlisted for the 2018 Morland Writing Scholarships. She tweets @matekiwrites.

Zaahida Mariam Nabagereka is a doctoral researcher in African languages and cultures at SOAS, her research focuses on the politics of language and its impact on literature production in Uganda. In 2014 Zaahida co-founded Afrikult., a literary organisation seeking to widen access to African literatures. Afrikult. devises and facilitates workshops with young people nationally and internationally.

Afrikult. is a literary organisation focused on widening access to African literatures. Afrikult. curates and facilitates literary and creative writing workshops for schools and festivals, programme events and partners with leading and grass-root organisations. Afrikult.’s website launched in 2014. In 2018, Afrikult. was awarded Arts Council England grant to deliver its research and development workshop programme in schools, and develop workshops in Kenya. Its latest programme ‘Stories of Home’ is for refugees and asylum-seekers living in London. Run by Marcelle Mateki Akita, Zaahida Nabagereka and supported by Keren Lasme.

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